Me and my Art
My name is Nune Kerobyan
I`m happy to introduce you my works on my site... Hope you love my painting and it will give you joy
and beauty. If you wont have a pice of this beauty world in your live, 
contact me nunekerobyan@gmail.com
You can have original works or prints
Or if you have some idear for original paintin only 
for you!

I`m a contemporary Artist and Sculptor Rome, Italy.

My painting style on my opinion is very unique -

I use various materials from acrylic pens to oil paints.
The main idea of my art is harmony and hyumanity.
I volunteered on such projects as UNISEF Protection of women's rights, Red Cross against AIDS, UN for children future.  
I strongly believe that art can save the world.
Look how I`m working...
These videos show how I`m painting. You can see the work in progress!